LD EXPORT : Packages

OPTION 1: ALL IN: We do everything from A-Z. All costs are included.

  • We present you with a list of contacts(=decision makers ONLY) fitting your requirements,
  • We do a screening of this list and contact all those with interest,
  • We narrow the list thanks to our “face to face” contacts,
  • We draw the final list of the most interesting AND interested ones,
  • We plan a local journey for you to meet the selection,
  • Based on your feelings and our advice we qualify best contacts.

LDE guarantees the result; this means a collaboration with local agent interested in your company (= the one you have interest in working with)

OPTION 2:We manage your success:

We set up 10 meetings (in total) with your ideal counterpart (to be clearly defined by you). These contacts will be interested in your products and you will have agreed on the quality of their profile prior to the mission. OPTION 3 included.

  • We collect clear info on the desired counterpart,
  • We provide you with a list of 20 (more or less) counterparts from our database that fit your requirements,
  • We contact them and promote your company:
  • Send info
  • Send brochure
  • Send price list if required
  • We collect 10 contacts who showed prior interest,
  • We set up meetings and make your journey ready,
  • You travel and finalize the collaboration.

OPTION 3: Market Study:

Only practical information based on a list of questions drawn by you.

  • Who are your local competitors?
  • To whom do they sell and at what price?
  • Which of your products offers added value and high potential?
  • Which market penetration channel is preferred?
  • Which local counterpart is your target?

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